Reflect / Beast DAO Update

In keeping with the core Reflect value of transparency, we are announcing the immediate termination of the Reflect Foundation / Beast DAO partnership.

This is an unfortunate situation, which we worked tirelessly to find a resolution before it became evident that a reasonable solution was not within reach.

We worked in good faith to promote the partnership throughout the community, hoping to build on a business relationship established with IYF.

We apologize to our community we were fully anticipating a robust, mutually-beneficial partnership. Possibilities were very exciting — thus all the hard work, promotion, etc — but at the end of the day, we value reliability and transparency first and foremost.

Our mindset revolves around one word and one word alone — execution.

The Reflect Foundation ‘corporate decision process’:

  • set intentions
  • build a strategy
  • formulate actionable plans
  • execute.

We either succeed, or we learn and do it better next time.

The ability to change and adapt on the fly is of paramount importance in the cryptocurrency world, especially with current market conditions. We make tough choices when we have to, and move on — learning and applying as much as we can to the future of Reflect and it’s ecosystem.

Thank you Reflect community, we are very blessed to work by your side.